Hi Im Mya James

Im a beauty expert  that some how became an international entreperneur developing beauty products and writing beauty curriculum. I get to think of really cool ideas in the beauty and image indutry and bring them to life, and then sell them to other business and consumers.
Thats a mouthful !

 Anytime I have an idea, I write it down, developed it, and try it. Sometimes it works well, sometimes it doesnt.

Getting ideas from paper to profit is a power all entreperneurs have to master.

Ive learned so much along the way. People are constantly telling me,
" with all that youre doing you should have a blog".

I want to take it a step further. I  want to  allow people  access to my brain.

I want to allow access to all the knowledge I've built up flying around the world doing business, meeting people making mistakes and conquering goals. I want to allow people to build their businesses off the backs of my mistakes. I want to watch you live your dreams

Hello, Im your Mentor!